Library Awards

The SCLS Foundation Board has annually presented awards to recognize the special efforts of public libraries (past recipients). These awards will not be presented this year.

The awards and descriptions are listed below.

  • Super Awesome Library Award -- For the library that was overall awesome. Maybe they handled a tough situation with grace. Or took a new approach. Or found a lot of money under a rock and did something really cool with it. Or got a lot of local support and kudos because they play well with others. Or are just plain super awesome every day.
  • Program Wizard Award -- For a super creative, innovative and fun library program created by library staff. In the library or out. For babies or seniors or anyone in between. A one-off or a regular series. If Dumbledore thinks it's worthy of Wizard status, nominate it!
  • Giddy Up Partner Award -- For those strong community partnerships that add value to the library and the community as a whole. It takes two, baby! Or three... or four. Nominate the library and its partner(s) and describe the amazing stuff they’re doing together.
  • Outstanding Library Volunteer Award -- This award recognizes that outstanding volunteer who is instrumental in making your library what it is. This new award is presented annually to an individual who through their contributions has had a significant impact on library service in a single community.

In Memoriam

Bob Blitzke, SCLS Delivery Services Manager 1979 - 2008, SCLS Foundation Development Coordinator, and 2011 SCLS Foundation Cornerstone Award recipient, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, February 1, 2023. Bob was the architect of the SCLS Delivery System, which is a national model that serves libraries statewide. He also played a vital role in the creation of the SCLS Foundation, serving as the development coordinator for two years.

Bob was a beloved colleague and those of us who had the honor of working with him at SCLS remember his gentle voice, good humor, kindness, creativity, and curiosity. We hold his wife, Jane Grogan, retired Circulation Services Manager at the Madison Public Library, in our hearts and thoughts.