SCLS Foundation Board of Directors

  • Theresa Walske, President
    • South Central Library System Board of Trustees Representative (Dane County Representative)
  • Radha Sijapati, Vice President
    • Citizen Representative¬†
  • Martha Van Pelt, Secretary
    • SCLS Director
  • Mike Furgal, Treasurer
    • South Central Library System Board of Trustees (Green County Representative)Citizen Representative
  • Janet Pugh
    • Citizen Representative, Former South Central Library System Trustee
  • Gary Poulson
    • President, South Central Library System Board of Trustees (Dane County Representative)
  • Peter Kaland
    • Citizen Representative (Columbus Library Board President)
  • Amanda Wakeman
    • Library Director, Jane Morgan Memorial Library, Cambria

In Memoriam

Bob Blitzke, SCLS Delivery Services Manager 1979 - 2008, SCLS Foundation Development Coordinator, and 2011 SCLS Foundation Cornerstone Award recipient, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, February 1, 2023. Bob was the architect of the SCLS Delivery System, which is a national model that serves libraries statewide. He also played a vital role in the creation of the SCLS Foundation, serving as the development coordinator for two years.

Bob was a beloved colleague and those of us who had the honor of working with him at SCLS remember his gentle voice, good humor, kindness, creativity, and curiosity. We hold his wife, Jane Grogan, retired Circulation Services Manager at the Madison Public Library, in our hearts and thoughts.