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How to Join

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Libraries or other groups with a focus on supporting public libraries in Wisconsin may participate in the South Central Library System Foundation with a minimum deposit of $500 and a signed management agreement. The Foundation, with its third party fund manager, will then administer the invested funds in accordance with its Wealth Management Investment Policy (see Governing Documents link at left).

The objective of the portfolio is long term capital growth and moderate income, although guarantee of return on investment is not implied. The portfolio will be invested in a diversified, balanced mix of equity and fixed income assets to pursue a total return consistent with the long-term targets of capital growth and income. The long-term asset mix will be 40% fixed income and 60% equities, with an acceptable range of -/+ 10% based on the professional investment managers market analysis. Fund management will use prudent judgment in diversifying the investments to balance both the maturity of investments and the weight of holdings with the objective of meeting long term targets or other groups.

Any funds invested by a library or other group remain the property of that library or group and can be withdrawn at any time with written seven-day notice for an amount under $5,000. For withdrawals in excess of $5,000, a written 30-day notice is requested so the Foundation can prepare and adjust its holdings to minimize the impact on all members.

Participants investing in the Foundation agree to pay a fee charged by the banking/financial institution to cover its investment services costs (based on the value of the fund at the end of each prior month) and a fee to the Foundation to partially recover the costs of its operations and services. (Fees)

An informational brochure is available for download, and yields two copies per sheet of legal paper (8.5x14).

For more information about investing in the Foundation, contact Shannon Schultz, South Central Library System Director, (608) 246-7975.